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The Manual

15 Minutes to Date-Worthy Skin

by rdh-admin on April 6, 2012.

Guys, let’s get real: having great skin takes a while. Younger skin regenerates itself every two to three weeks. That means you will need to consistently treat your skin for two weeks if you want a complete epidermal makeover. However, sometimes you don’t have weeks because you have a big date in a couple of hours. Never fear, you can do a lot in 15 minutes― but you need to snap to it!


Scrub Gently

Wet your face with warm water, and slowly massage the scrub across
your whole face. Let it sit for about a minute before rinsing. The scrub is a
great way to start your shave off right and remove any dirt or grime on the
surface of your skin.


Shave Carefully

Apply your favorite shave cream and shave following the direction
of hair growth to avoid irritation. A good shave cream will leave skin smooth
and help keep you nick and burn free.


Use a Cleanser

Rinse the shave cream off your face with warm water, and wash thoroughly
with a face wash. After shaving, a good cleanser will rid skin of any left
over residue or hairs. It’ll also cleanse bacteria and any grossness that enters
your pores while shaving.


Use a Toner

After you scrub and shave, your pores are going to be wide open. That’s
great for keeping clean, but bad for preventing dirt from getting back in there
and causing all kinds of problems. Use a toner to close pores and protect your
skin throughout the rest of the day.


Use a Moisturizer

This step is often forgotten and will help leave your skin smooth. Applying a face
will moisturize and soothe your skin while keeping down any redness
that might have appeared while shaving.


There you have it―that’s the best you can do in 15 minutes, I guarantee it. This routine is a quick and easy way to spruce yourself up and present your best face forward.



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