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Our 5 Favorite Shaving Creams

by Matthew Taylor Ruggieri on November 10, 2011.

Finding the right shave cream can be painfully difficult, so we’ve narrowed down a list of our top 5 recommendations to help you find the one that suits your specific needs.  These are the 5 best shaving creams that we’ve found on the market:

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1. Best For Sensitive Skin

Apivita Gentle Shaving Cream
A shave cream packed with naturally healing
ingredients- anti-inflammatory balsam extract
and antiseptic propolis that softens the beard
and reduces razor burn for a close shave.

$19.00 / 3.3oz


2. Natural and Effective

Raw Materials Extreme Shave Cream
A 100% natural cream with organic oils and extracts
that lightly lathers and conditions skin for an
ultra-smooth, close shave. Scent, fragrance,
and menthol free.

$20.00 / 6 fl oz


3. Best On A Budget

Cremo Shave Cream
A superior shave cream at a wallet- friendly price
point. This super-lubricating, rich cream is
packed full of skin conditioners like Coconut
Oil and Aloe Leaf Juice for a long lasting,
irritation free shave.

$8.00 / 6 fl oz


4. Best For Tough Beards

Billy Jealousy Hydroplane Shave Cream
A rich, foamless cream for a light, smooth shave
minus razor gunk. Provides a super-slick barrier
on the skin for smooth razor glide through the
the toughest of beards while protecting against
irritation, bumps, nicks, cuts, and ingrown hairs.

$20.00 / 8 fl oz


5. Double Duty

Evolution Man Cleanse and Shave
An all- in- one vitamin rich product perfect for the
man on-the-go. A dual action cleanser that can also
be used as a non-foaming shave cream. Packed with
natural extracts and oils to hydrate and tone skin.

$20.00 / 5.1 fl oz


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In Store:

Baxter of California Grooming Lotion Baxter of California Grooming Lotion
A light hold, low shine lotion that gives hair and beards manageability and softness.
The Motley Palo Santo Anniversary-Edition Cologne The Motley Palo Santo Anniversary-Edition Cologne
Deep smoky wood notes, with a hint of suede and sweetness, make this fragrance bold and intriguing. Suede adds a warm sensuousness.
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Jack Black Oil-Free Sun Guard Sunscreen SPF 45 Jack Black Oil-Free Sun Guard Sunscreen SPF 45
This vitamin-enriched, oil-free, very water- and sweat-resistant lotion offers superior broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection and absorbs quickly without greasy or heavy residue.

Matthew Taylor Ruggieri

Men's skincare expert at The Motley. Dreamer of the golden dream. Fan of Bob Dylan, Jean-Luc Godard and Richard Avedon.