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The Manual

5 Skincare Mistakes Most Men Make

Does the term ‘skincare’ fill you with uncertainty? Do you have a skincare regimen? The fact…

Your Razor Is Making You Break Out

News flash: all shaving razors are not created equal. Make sure your razors are a cut…

Mr. Style Reviews Apivita Shampoo & Conditioner

Not a man accustomed to sampling men’s grooming products, Mr. Style gives a quite humorous and…

Your Fall Travel Must-Haves… Grab and Go!

Need to get away from the grind? We’ll help you pack your bag with must-have grooming items for looking sharp even when off the grid.

Multi-Purpose Products That Actually Make The Grade

Running out of room in your shower but having bad flashbacks of that time you tried a 2-in-1 hair and face cleanser? Here’s a quick guide to our favorite high-performing multi-purpose products that we promise won’t disappoint.

Repair Your Sun-Damaged Skin ASAP

Too much time in the sun? Heal that blistering sunburn ASAP with these must-have ingredients and our favorite products to find them in.

3 Moisturizing Must Haves For Fighting Summer Shine

Feeling greasy? You just need the right moisturizer. Here’s a roundup of our favorite products for fighting that summer oil slick while still keeping skin hydrated.

Get Better Looking Skin in Minutes With a Face Mask

Dealing with blackheads, blotches or dull, flaky skin? What if we told you that one simple product could improve your skin’s appearance in just minutes? Introducing the face mask.

You Are What You Eat: Get Healthy Skin From Inside Out

You’ve heard the old adage: “you are what you eat.” Food can affect the health (for better or worse) of your nails, your hair, and your organs, including your skin. Eating (and drinking) these nutrient-rich foods can actually improve your complexion, increase your skin’s defense against the sun, and even stave off wrinkles!

Hangover Helper: 5 Quick-Fix Tips for Looking Good The Morning After

This last holiday weekend, many of us treated it as our patriotic duty to go all out in honor of our nation’s birth. If you woke up not looking so hot, here are our five quick fixes for getting it together and still looking sharp.