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Hangover Helper: 5 Quick-Fix Tips for Looking Good The Morning After

by rdh-admin on July 7, 2014.

As Americans, we always find something to celebrate, and this last holiday weekend, many of us treated it as our patriotic duty to go all out in honor of our nation’s birth. We’ve all been there, and the day after isn’t so pretty. Sunglasses are necessary indoors and out; everyone’s voices sound like the screeching of a thousand banshees; and you have bags that are more like checked-in luggage under your eyes. So, how do we keep ourselves from looking as bad as we feel? Here are our five quick-fix tips for Monday morning.

  • Wash away the grime of yesterday…and earlier this morning. You’re in bed at 5am and up at 6am, just in time for a post-liquor lumber straight to a warm shower. The water will wake you up and get you looking clean and well groomed–something that intoxicated, sleep-deprived people are not. A quick exfoliating scrub down with Raw Materials Skin Grit will also help bring life back into your skin.
  • Don’t forget the post-shower essentials. Avoid shaving, since a razor in your state is always a bad idea; instead, go for the rugged look, but make it look intentional by doing your hair. Just a bit of ADH Dry will give you quick hold and texture without requiring real styling. Brush your teeth and tongue, then eat an apple, orange or some celery to neutralize your stale-beer-breath and provide your body with some much-needed vitamins and natural sugars.
  • Reduce under-eye puffiness. Use a cool, hydrating under-eye gel to rejuvenate the skin under and around your eyes–we recommend Recipe for Men Under Eye Patches for an intensive, fast working treatment. If you don’t have an eye gel (or yours is still in the mail), try reducing puffiness by holding the round side of a chilled spoon under each eye for about 10 minutes.
  • Choose a safe, but well put-together outfit. Don’t kill yourself when selecting your outfit. Wear your standard go-to outfit or your favorite pair of pants with a simple button up shirt. Remember, you’re trying to look clean, professional, and coherent, not runway ready.
  • Introduce some color back into your pale face. Getting a little exercise will help bring some color back into your complexion. If your stomach can handle it, walk up a flight of stairs or take a brisk, 5-10 minute walk.

Disguise the events of the night before with these quick fixes, and remember, stay hydrated all day. It’ll help your skin and your head. In the future, try to reduce the effects of an all-nighter before you even hit the bar. Eating a wholesome meal loaded with vitamins and starches and drinking plenty of water won’t prevent you from getting drunk, but it will delay the release of alcohol into your bloodstream, lessening the hangover hell.

Pro Tip: While you’re on your own for the headaches, drowsiness and nausea, these Motley Man tips will keep you looking clean and coherent. Protect your skin and prevent the dreaded “morning after” by consuming water while you party hard.

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