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Men Of Distinction

Man of Distinction: John Liwag, The CRFTY

by rdh-admin on February 20, 2012.

The Men of Distinction series is an on-going conversation with men who create, explore, advocate and inspire. In this week’s edition, we sit down with John Liwag, creator of the magazine The CRFTY. The second issue was just published so check it out here.

What do you love about what you do?


The freedom and control to essentially steer my life and career path in any way that I desire. I love that I’m my own boss.This magazine, which started as a passion project, has done wonders for me because it shows clients what they can expect if they give me more control. And I love that I’m doing this in a time era that fits my exact model of the way I work. There has never before been an era where anyone has been able to publish and print their stories right next to others stories. It’s a narrative of John Liwag, lifestyle journalism and a graphic design project, all in one. I love it all — the entire process, not just the end product.


What inspires you about the city you live in?
I say that I’m from “Los Angeles” just because it’s easier, but actually, I’m from Valencia, California — a suburb that is about 40 minutes driving distance from the city, sand and/or the snow.

I enjoy the distance from most things, as well as how quiet the city can be. I really like the solitude because it allows me to have a clear train of thought in my own head for much of the day.


Album of the year (so far)?
There were some really great ones this past year. Fleet Foxes, Bon Iver. St. Vincent, The Drums, Watch The Throne, Kendrick Lamar. But honestly, I really like the Childish Gambino (actor Donald Glover) album Camp the most. Not from a music review perspective but because that album meant so much more to me than a passing listen. It was honest, it was something he made for himself, and it had no features on it. The album didn’t fall under one genre or any label; it just felt like Donald. The CRFTY Magazine Issue #002 is my Camp.


Favorite film or book of all time?
My favorite book of all-time is Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. Still hesitant to watch the film because I loved the book so much. Even more than the story, I love how curious and creative the kid is. And I have too many favorite films, haha.



What makes someone a man of distinction to you?




A man of distinction is someone who does exactly what they want in the context in which they live.
Some men that you believe are Men of Distinction?
Kanye West. Charles Eames. James Franco. Pharrell Williams. John Jay. Steve Jobs. I really believe in those who excel in more than one discipline — the era is over where people only do one thing extremely well.


What’s the most essential piece of your grooming routine that you wouldn’t go without?
A simple shower starts every day for me. Even if I’m working at home for the day, I just can’t function without one. Never one to work in PJ’s!


Give us Your Elevator Pitch…
I create a printed magazine and digital platform named The CRFTY that will revolutionize the future of media. I make and control all of the content that The CRFTY churns out. I’m someone who is connected, who can write and design, has a team around and ready (if need be) and isn’t shy about working extremely hard on something.

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