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Meet Max

by Max Gosselin-Ildari on July 7, 2010.

Hey, my name  is Max Gosselin-Ildari and I will be writing two columns for The Motley. One will be regarding key events in the world of sports and the other will be my reviews of new movies at the box office. A little about myself, I am a Senior at Emerson College studying Film Production. You can wish me luck on making a living out of that one. However, I am an avid movie watcher, of both old and new films, so hopefully with my background I can be a good source of insight for upcoming features.

Every sports lover has an illusion of their own clairvoyance to predict the outcomes of March Madness, the NFL Playoffs, The World Series, or the top two BCS Football teams. I am no different. In my first column I will predict the future of LeBron James. And let me tell you, I will be right! Just as I was dead on when predicting Argentina as the winner of the 2010 World Cup and Texas as last year’s College Football champion. I’m money and don’t even know it.

Ok, sports can be unpredictable, but there is always a time when someone can call the most unpredictable outcome. Feel free to share your agreements or disagreements with my opinions and make some bold predictions with me. The more of us conversing, the more likely we can sniff out the next George Mason.

That said, check out my first sports column posting early tomorrow morning for my LeBron James predictions!  We’ll see how right I am come the evening…

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Max Gosselin-Ildari