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Morning Routine: Jeremiah Simmons of A Headlong Dive

by Matthew Taylor Ruggieri on May 27, 2013.


We’re taking cues from Jeremiah Simmons, writer of A Headlong Dive, in our second installment of Morning Routine. Jeremiah lives in Winter Park, Florida.

What do you do when you first wake up?

Waking up my first order of business is getting some breakfast and coffee in my system before I try and tackle the day. My morning routine is fairly regimented. I’ll turn on ESPN in the background to catch up on the latest sports stories and get to work on my egg white & ham omelet and almond milk latte. Odd note, I never brush my teeth before eating breakfast, only after. Somehow my lady does the opposite and after nine years of marriage I’m still baffled how she can ruin her breakfast with the taste of toothpaste.

What’s your go-to outfit?

It all starts with a crisp white button up shirt. For me it’s the blank canvas on which everything else goes. I own plenty of variations and find myself gravitating towards it simply because it’s so multifaceted and can be worn with any tie and/or trouser. While I don’t wear a white button up shirt everyday, I would say it’s the apex of essentials that can do double duty in and out of the office. I even keep one in my office in case of a sartorial stain emergency when getting careless with coffee. Other attire that often takes front-and-center includes denim (I break in a raw pair every autumn and this year have been working through a pair of 3sixteen ST-100X) and Alden footwear (embarrassed to name how many pairs, as I have a shoe addiction).

Any finishing touches before you head out the door?

I’m a shave in the shower guy but usually keep some form of a beard most months. I’m not one to often recommend differing types of soaps or shave supplies because honestly, as long as you’re using something that doesn’t smell offensive – like Axe products¬ – then I’m ok with you and your shower routine. A few things deserve a double check before hitting the road. Giving the hair a once over (with a pliable styling product) and making sure I’ve given myself a minimal mist of cologne (I keep a few in rotation) and I’m ready to try and take over the world.

What wouldn’t you leave the house without?

I feel strange anytime I forget anything from my everyday carry. It includes keys, wallet (from Makr), iPhone, microfiber cloth for cleaning my glasses, pocket knife and a lip balm.

How does your day at work begin?

Hopefully not climbing over stacks of paperwork. I’ll usually be starting my second cup of coffee and when not sitting down with clients, I’m perusing Twitter or scanning my favorite online storehouses.

Jeremiah uses two products in the morning – a styling cream to keep unruly hair tame and a lip balm. Here are two products that we recommend:


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