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Motley Movies: Source Code

by rdh-admin on April 16, 2011.


Hollywood’s latest chemistry experiment, “Source Code,” stars a wooden Jake Gyllenhaal, a hot chick who has nothing intelligent to say, and Dunkin Donuts as its sponsor. Directors, producers, writers of the world’s superpower, you’ve done it again.

The commercial dressed in movie’s clothing follows Colter Stevens, a military captain who finds himself strapped to a chair in a dystopian vessel out of “The Matrix.” His mission, should he choose to accept it — no actually he has no choice — is to reenter the past and identify a terrorist bomber.

An utterly flat amalgam of “Speed” and “Groundhog Day,” “Source Code” aims for a roller-coaster and hits the lazy river. In other words, regarding the aforementioned movies, “Source Code” lacks the intensity of the former and charm of the latter. Captain Stevens returns over and over to the same train to learn more and more about each passenger in hope of finding the bomber. Great concept. Every trip back a layer of character can be added to the ubiquitous passengers, right? Wrong.

It would not be a complete film-polemic if I did not discuss how the film utterly fails in being politically and culturally relevant. Let’s start with the two things providing Captain Stevens with emotional drive. 1) The Stick in His Pants. We can’t call it love because he never really learns anything about Michelle Monaghan’s character other than she wants to go to grad school. Wake up! That doesn’t mean she is smart. That means her career is tanking and she’s trying to find a way to postpone the inevitable. 2) Him and his Daddy Got into a Fight. People are dying in the real world and you have the audacity to portray real life tragedies with Jake Gyllenhaal’s fake tears? While, yes, the film portrays certain government officials as cruel and exploitive, ultimately they are caricatures. No one outside of Captain Stevens has any external motivations.

Lastly, I want to say that I did omit the director’s name purposely because it’s clear to methat this film was made by a Dunkin Donuts CEO not Jo—-. Please, spend your money elsewhere. Buy a months worth of Netflix and watch Jean-Pierre Melville’s films on the Instant Queue.


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