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The Manual

Oscar Approved Hairstyles

by Matthew Taylor Ruggieri on February 23, 2012.

These are five actors whose careers we’ll be watching and those who are already icons. Here are our tips on how to get their looks:

1. Eddie Redmayne

You saw him most recently in the Oscar nominated
film My Week With Marilyn, and he’s currently filming
Les Miserables. He sports a very clean- cut look that
could fit any decade.

Get His Look:
Grant’s Medium Blend Pomade to give hair a
light shine and achieve an updated, classic style.
Urth Skincare Shave Formula for a close,
smooth shave without razor burn or irritation.

2. Jeremy Irvine

He was most recently in the Oscar nominated
film War Horse. You’ll see him soon in the film
Now Is Good, and he will be playing Pip in the
new film version of Great Expectations. Off camera
his look tends to be modern and slightly scruffy.

Get His Look:
Lock Stock & Barrel Volumatte to give hair lots
of volume and raise it off the scalp.
Lock Stock & Barrel 85 Karats for texture and
a matte finish with a strong hold. Use your fingers to
style and direct hair up from the scalp.
– For neat looking scruff, use an adjustable electric
and Billy Jealousy Lightning Bolt pre-shave to
avoid irritation and razor burn.

3. Chris Pratt

You’ve seen him as Andy on the show Parks and
, and he got our big screen attention in the
Oscar nominated film Moneyball. Look for him next
in The Five-Year Engagement. He has an every-guy’s
guy look, not overly styled but not too messy.

Get His Look:
Lock Stock & Barrel Pucka to add the slightest
amount of hold to hair for a very natural look.
– Wash your face with Evolution Man Wash and Buff
to gently exfoliate, especially important with facial
hair, to prevent clogged pores and ingrown hairs.

4. Gael Garcia Bernal

He’s been the leading man of countless Spanish
language films, including Y Tu Mama Tambien and
The Motorcycle Diaries. Look for him in 2014 as
Zorro in the upcoming film Zorro Reborn. His longer,
shaggy hair and scruff give him an artsy, cool style.

Get His Look:
Apivita Conditioner for All Hair Types to keep hair
smooth, shiny and healthy looking.
Lock Stock & Barrel Pucka Grooming Crème gives a
touch of hold to your style but enough flexibility for
longer hair.

5. Gregory Peck

The iconic, Academy award-winning actor, from
To Kill A Mockingbird and Roman Holiday to name
just a few, had a polished, sharp style that made him
the ideal leading man.

Get His Look:
Grant’s Golden Brand Pomade for high shine and
a strong hold so hair stays exactly how you
want it.
– Use a Speert Handmade Pocket Comb to comb
hair into a smooth, full-bodied style.

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Matthew Taylor Ruggieri

Men's skincare expert at The Motley. Dreamer of the golden dream. Fan of Bob Dylan, Jean-Luc Godard and Richard Avedon.