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Tame That Mane: Keeping Long Hair Healthy This Summer

by Madison Ruggieri on May 27, 2014.

Jared Leto’s regal mane sent everyone we know into a tizzy after he let it flow at this year’s Oscars ceremony. From the sleek shine to the modern ombre shade, he made men want to be him, and women want to be with him. Maybe his mane even inspired you to grow out your own locks. So why after a few months of growth, did your attempt at shoulder-length hair leave you more Redfoo than Leto? Follow these guidelines to finally get the locks you’re longing for.

  • Take a grassroots approach. Hair growth starts at the roots, which means that having a clean and healthy scalp is important. Try massaging some Baxter of California’s Daily Protein Shampoo into your scalp to stimulate those roots and really get ‘em growing. As a bonus, it also removes harmful DHT which can cause hair loss.
  • Make it rain on your mane. Well-moisturized, healthy hair grows longer and stronger, and summer sun and saltwater are stripping your strands. So make sure to follow your shampoo with a richly moisturizing conditioner like Apivita Conditioner for All Hair Types. Be sure to rinse it out with cold water to seal all that goodness into your hair’s cuticles and promote further growth!
  • Healthy body, healthy hair.  Hair is one of the last body parts to get nutrients, so the blue cheese and buffalo wing diet isn’t going to cut it…er, grow it. Time to start one of those balanced diets with regular exercise and at least 8 glasses of water a day.
  • Don’t be a fool with your tools.  Stimulate your scalp and spread beneficial oils through your growing mane by brushing it 1-2 times a day – any more than that and you’re weakening the roots. The comb you use also makes a difference when your hair is lengthy. Throw out the cheap plastic comb with broken teeth. A well made cellulose version like this Handmade Long Comb won’t break or split strands and reduces static frizz. Keeping your newly flowing locks out of your face is going to be a new obsession, especially on scorching days – avoid those tempting elastic bands at all costs, they cause follicles to kink and snap; instead, opt for cloth headbands or bandanas.
  • Turn down the heat.  Blow dryers and flat irons tend to do more harm than good as the excess heat saps out moisture and key nutrients. Allow your hair to air-dry as much as possible, then use a light hair oil or pomade like the Malin + Goetz Sage Styling Cream to tame unruly flyaways without weighing hair down.
  • To trim, or not to trim?  A trim won’t help your hair grow faster but it will help it grow stronger and appear fuller and healthier. Experts recommend a trim 1-3 times per year to cut off damaged ends and promote hair health.


Pro Tip: With the right products and a little determination, growing gorgeous hair may not be as difficult as it seems. Make sure you maintain a healthy lifestyle if you want locks like Leto, and if it turns out you don’t like it, no sweat. You can always cut it off.

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Madison Ruggieri

Director of Editorial for The Motley. Los Angeles native. A fan of Tolstoy, Tina Fey and the Rolling Stones.