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Winter Relief: Solutions for Dry Skin

by Matthew Taylor Ruggieri on December 24, 2011.

Winter weather is brutal on your skin leaving it excessively dry, cracked, dull and flaky. It’s especially crucial to start using products that will replenish your skin’s lost moisture to combat the effects of the cold.

When shopping for moisture rich skincare, look for products with Shea butter, vitamin E, and essential oils for ingredients. Pair a gentle, soothing face wash with a hydrating face moisturizer. Consider using a richer shave cream during the winter months and a moisture intense facial mask to increase your skin’s brightness and reduce fine lines and wrinkles caused by harsh elements.

Remember to reapply a good lip balm and body cream as needed.

1. Buckler’s Chapped
Skin Remedy

Why it’s different:
Just in time for the winter winds, we’ve released
Buckler’s Chapped Skin Remedy, a heavy-duty,
all climate formula for deep hydration and repairing
chapped, irritated skin. Try it on hands, feet, elbows,
knees and anywhere that gets particularly dry.

$16.00 / 4oz

2. Urth Skin Solutions

Why it’s different:
An overnight gel mask that is loaded with
antioxidants like Red Seaweed and White Tea
plus vitamins A, B5, C, D, E penetrate skin to
combat oxidative stress and environmental damage.

$52.00 / 2oz

3. Apivita Anti-
Face and Eye Cream

Why it’s different:
It doesn’t have the easiest price tag to absorb
and it might be deadly to try, but it’s truly an
exceptional cream. Beech tree extract reduces
wrinkles up to 10.14%, and ruscus and chick
pea extract increase skin firmness up to 12%.
Propolis and cardamom protect skin from
environmental toxins, smoking, pollution
and free radicals.

$48.00 / 1.6oz

4. Mountain Ocean
Lip Trip SPF 15

Why it’s different:
Lip Trip uses PABA-Free Sunscreen
as well as Aloe Vera, Lanolin, Cocoa Butter,
Allantoin, and Vitamin E to maintain proper
moisture balance. Flavored with Natural Vanilla
and Peppermint Oil.

$5.50 / 4.75g

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Baxter of California Grooming Lotion Baxter of California Grooming Lotion
A light hold, low shine lotion that gives hair and beards manageability and softness.
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Deep smoky wood notes, with a hint of suede and sweetness, make this fragrance bold and intriguing. Suede adds a warm sensuousness.
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Jack Black Oil-Free Sun Guard Sunscreen SPF 45 Jack Black Oil-Free Sun Guard Sunscreen SPF 45
This vitamin-enriched, oil-free, very water- and sweat-resistant lotion offers superior broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection and absorbs quickly without greasy or heavy residue.

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