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Your Razor Is Making You Break Out

by Matthew Taylor Ruggieri on October 22, 2015.

News flash: all shaving razors are not created equal. Make sure your razors are a cut above the rest by investing in good-quality razors. Not only do they give you the closest shave possible, but they also really do make a difference in maintaining healthy, happy, and non-irritated skin.

Merkur offers a good variety of sizes in safety razors. If you’re new to premium shaving razors and you’re looking for a great way to dive in, the Baxter of California Baxter de Razor is a chrome double edge safety razor. It even includes an instructional card and a pack of starter razor blades.

But wait—having a quality razor isn’t the final step. Using shaving cream and after-shave lotions or balms is crucial for ensuring that your skin is hydrated. The Port Products Face Saving Shave Formula includes coconut oil extracts that reduce surface tension and allow for a close shave. Willow bark extract and aloe vera provide anti-inflammatory properties that both soothe and hydrate skin.

When you’ve finished shaving, splash your face with cold water to calm your skin. Then apply an aftershave lotion or balm, which are vital for moisture. Proraso shaving products offer three kinds of aftershave balm, one for each skin type. Look into Proraso Refresh Aftershave Lotion for all skin types, Proraso Protective Aftershave Balm for dry skin, and Proraso Sensitive Aftershave Balm for sensitive skin

See how little just a bar of soap does for your skin? Stop neglecting your skin and start giving it a little extra care today. We’re not saying that once you start taking care of your skin you’ll look like George Clooney—but we’re not NOT saying it either. But c’mon, Clooney totally uses quality razors. If we’ve made you a skincare convert, check out our personal favorites in skincare products here.

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